How much does framing cost?

The cost for framing depends on the frame you choose and the size of the picture. There are a lot of different variables to factor in to obtain your cost. For an accurate answer and ideally, come into the shop and speak to one of our design team who will work out a price based on your choices. Alternatively and for a very rough idea, telephone us with your picture size for a price range. 01323 647822.


Have you got a price list I can take away?

Sadly not because there is too many factors to consider when pricing. 


What are the variable for pricing and how is the cost calculated?

The variables that effect your framing price are, size of picture, the frame you choose, mount choice and quantity, type of glass, the medium of your picture  (photographic, watercolour paper, material, etc) and how that is treated through the framing process. 













Do you have other frames available that aren’t on display?

We have approximately 300 frames available and when we order our lengths of wood/ moulding we have to do so in bulk, so ordering one length isn’t always possible. Please discuss it with us when you visit.

I’ve seen a picture I like online or in another gallery, can you order it as I like to shop local?

Please do check with us. We share many of the same suppliers as other galleries and will place picture and print orders on you behalf. If we can’t get hold of that image, we will be honest and point you in the right direction. Once you have your picture we would be delighted to frame it for you.

What does a bespoke frame mean?

Bespoke means that each frame made for you is entirely unique. Every millimetre of size, mount colour and glass choice is exclusive to that frame. 



The artist has made some recommendations for my picture, can I share them with you?

Yes please do, we’re open to all suggestions. We have been framing for over 35 years, so we consider ourselves to be experts in our field, could we tempt to you to other suggestions as well?


The artist has recommended you wear gloves when you handle my picture, is that okay?

Yes not a problem, just let us know before we remove your picture from its packaging. 














Can you repair my damaged frame?

We cannot I’m afraid. Wood can hold knots or old ‘staples’ then when our machine fires into it, it could break our machines and as you can imagine, being professionals, our machines are not cheap. 


Can you replace my broken glass?

Yes, that is something we can do. Just bring your frame into us, broken glass and all, and we'll handle the rest.


My picture is damaged, can you help? 

We offer a process called dry mounting, which uses heat and vacuum to bond you picture to board, smooth out creases and dents and supports larger pictures from rippling within the frame. This is a permanent process so it’s only ideal for prints with unlimited availability and not something suitable for high value, limited edition or original art work. 











How long does framing take? 

Some of our frames we keep in stock and some we order. Those that we have in stock take one week and if we have to order your choice, lead times are around 10 days to 2 weeks.


Do you offer an express service?

If you need your frame quickly. Please let us know when placing the order. We will endeavour to help. During Christmas and busy periods it not be possible but we’re always willing to try. 










When is a good time to visit the shop?

We open Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm. You don’t need an appointment, there will always be someone to help you go through your framing choices. However, we are a busy shop and choosing frames does take time, so please be prepared to spend some time with us. 

Where is the shop and what are your open timings? 

You can find us opposite Eastbourne station, where the taxi rank is situated, near the mini round about and Eastbourne Library. We are open Monday to Saturdays, 9am to 5pm. We only open on Sundays on the run up to Christmas. 












Do you offer ready made frames?

Everything we offer is bespoke which means we don’t have anything ‘off the shelf,’ ‘ready to go’ but we can offer you expertly made frames with attention to detail. 

What can I frame ?

On a daily basis, we frame, watercolours, oils, photographs, cross-stitches and prints. On a regular basis, we frame football and other sports shirts, Tower of London Poppies and military medals. We have previously framed cricket bats, wedding dresses, sharks jaws, bird skulls, violins, babies shoes and wedding bouquets. 
For lots of these items we build display boxes and then place the frame around the front of the box. The rest of the processes are secret tricks of the trade but we promise to really show off your treasured items.

How much is a football (or sports) shirt to frame?

A large adult’s shirt starts from around £150 to frame and this includes all labour, materials and VAT. This price includes a range of frames and mounts that are suitable for football shirt framing. If you would like an alternative frame, we can price accordingly when you visit us.

I have bought a scratch map, I’d like to frame it without glass is that possible? 

Yes it is possible. We need to make the map rigid which we do with a dry mount procedure. Then we can frame it in most frames without glass so that you can continue your travels. 

Do you just cut mounts?

We do offer a  bespoke mount cutting service. We need to know the outside dimension and the aperture dimension. The easiest way to know what you need is just to bring the picture to us and we’ll do all the measuring for you. Lead times for mounts is around 2 days.

Can I put more than one item/ photos in one frame?

You certainly can! We are able to cut multiple apertures in mount board to hold and show off a number of pictures. This can be a number of photographs or something as special as a selection of medals with a corresponding photograph and the persons’ historical information. Please ask to see examples, we have a photo album of the weird and wonderful things we have framed.  









Do you wrap & package pictures for shipping or moving house? 

We don’t offer a packing service for shipping or moving but we know that Lok’n Store on Lottbridge Drove, Eastbourne offers packing supplies.


Do you print art work? 

Sadly we can’t print your art work, we don’t have any printers. Boots the Chemist offer a photographic printing service. Or Ash Print, South Street, Eastbourne can print paper based images. 01323 734645








Do you deliver? 

Delivery is possible for certain locations and certain size pictures. If the picture is too large we recommend the people-carrier taxis where the waiting zone is situated over the road from the shop or we have the number for a ‘man with a van.’

Do you display the work of local artists?

Sadly, we do not I’m afraid. The art work we display and sell is sourced from national print houses who market the work of their artists on the artists’ behalf. If you would like to approach any publishers, we are happy to share their details. 


Do you offer artist clubs a discount?

Many artists understand the importance of the right frame to display and sell their work, that’s why we are the local choice for artists' framing, using acid-neutral materials that protect the paper and inks of art work.  If you are framing multiple copies of the same piece where the machine’s don’t have to be recalibrated for each cut we maybe able to reduce the cost of the project.
















I’m a corporate customer, do you offer invoicing terms?

We are able accept payment by invoicing. Please email us for further info.

Do you offer interest free payments?

We offer the option to pay over a few months both for bespoke framing and art work from our selection. However, we do hold onto the art work until the balance is paid as we don’t use a credit agency to guarantee the payment. 

Do you offer discounts for multiple frames? 

All our of framing is bespoke and hand crafted, which means that a human measures, cuts and adjusts each machine for each and every frame. It’s a labour intensive but enjoyable process. For this reason, offering discounts is not always available but you are welcome to ask us.